Diamond Trainer Baseball Clinics

The purpose of Diamond Trainer Baseball Clinics is to teach proper fundamentals that lead to individual development as a baseball player. Each Clinic is designed around the following four principles:

  1. Promote correct FUNDAMENTALS with hands on instruction.
  2. Promote individual DEVELOPMENT
  3. Provide age-appropriate INSTRUCTION from professional staff
Clinic is designed for ages 10 to high school senior.
Players are divided into groups according to age and instruction will be age-appropriate.
Each clinic is from 9am-4pm with lunch provided.
All attendees receive a T-shirt.


Lunch Provided by:


There are no events scheduled at this time. Please check back again soon as we regularly update our schedule.

Clinic Staff

Diamond Trainer Baseball Clinics will be under the direction of Billy Godwin. The clinic will be staffed by current professional players, scouts, former college players and top high school coaches. This year's staff will be one of the finest on the east coast!

Directed By

Billy Godwin

Godwin has been a Head Coach at the High School, Junior College and Division I level for the last 30 years. During that time his teams have won at the Regional and National levels. He has coached over 50 players that played at the professional level, including 5 in the Major Leagues. Godwin has directed and participated in clinics nationally. He presently serves as a professional baseball scout.

2017 Clinic Staff

NOTE: Staff will be adjusted due to date change!

  1. Mike Wright – MLB Pitcher Baltimore Orioles (above)
  2. Shawn Armstrong – MLB Pitcher Cleveland Indians
  3. Seth Simmons – Triple A Pitcher San Diego Padres
  4. Evan Phillips – Double A Pitcher Atlanta Braves
  5. Neil Avent – Professional Scout Oakland A's
  6. Billy Best – Professional Scout Atlanta Braves
  7. Nick Brannon – Professional Scout San Diego Padres
  8. Blaine Kinsley – Strength Coach St Louis Cardinals
  9. Kyle Roller – Professional Player NY Yankees, Tampa Rays
  10. Stepen Batts – Former Minor League Player Philadelphia Phillies
  11. Jack Reinheimer – Triple A All Star Shortstop Arizona Diamondbacks
  12. Chase McDonald – Double A First Baseman Houston Astros
  13. Jeff Stevens – Former Professional Minor League Catcher Atlanta Braves
  14. Jack Brown – Head Baseball Coach Dixon High School
  15. Granville Gehris – Director “Beat the Game Baseball”